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Stole this from nichan cause I wanted to know which turtle I'd be X3

[ ] You are the oldest child in your family.
[ ] You hate when people "bend the rules".
[x] You would consider yourself a bit of a traditionalist.
[ ] You tend to "mother" those around you.
[x] Your mother/father is your idol.
[x] You've found philosophies of life from watching television.
[ ] You feel you'd be the first of your family to die for a loved one.
[x] You've been called "bossy" often.
[x]You usually avoid breaking rules, unless you find a real need to.
[ ] You're not one to often lose your composure.
Total: 5/10

[ ] You are the second oldest child in your family.
[ ] You often feel that one of your siblings is favored over you.
[ ] You become frustrated easily.
[x] You love competition and challenges.
[ ] You love to exercise.
[x] You despise being told what to do.
[ ] You've been in more than one physical fight.
[ ] You love to fight, even if it's not out of anger or even personal.
[ ] You're extremely protective of your younger sibling(s).
[x] You are often sarcastic.
Total: 3/10

[x] You are the third born child in your family.
[x] You get awkward and shy around your crush(es).
[x] You are/were a straight A/honor roll student.
[x] You have low tolerance for stupidity.
[x] You have a tendency to overlook the obvious.
[x] You would prefer to exercise your mind than your body.
[x] You have been called a "nerd" many times.
[x] You are most comfortable planning out nearly everything that you want to do.
[ ] Science and engineering are very interesting to you.
[x] You feel that sometimes your loved ones expect too much of you.
Total: 9/10

[x]You are the fourth or youngest child in your family.
[x] You tend to tune out when you probably should be paying attention.
[x] You feel that your family doesn't take you seriously.
[ ] You consider yourself lighthearted and witty.
[ ] People treat you like you're dumb, but you know you're not.
[x] You have been called "creative" many times.
[ ] You can't help but pity people who are getting harshly punished even when they're wrong.
[x] You are often smiling for seemingly random reasons.
[ ] You are unorganized and messy.
[x] You get really excited about good food.
Total: 6/10

[ ] You were raised as an only child.
[ ] You have been in a lot of fights.
[x] You wear a lot of black.
[ ] You have been called "sneaky" and not always in a good way.
[x] You're not great at expressing your feelings.
[ ] You tend to hold grudges.
[x] You remain cool under pressure most of the time.
[ ] You have several piercings.
[ ] You are/were a rebellious teen.
[ ] You never keep friends for very long.
Total: 3/10

[x] You are a daddy's girl.
[x] You prefer to do things on your own.
[x] You are/were an honor roll/straight A student.
[x] You have a very small number of friends overall.
[ ] You almost always wear your hair up.
[ ] You are a strong animal rights supporter and activist.
[ ] You often clash with those who are bossy
[ ] Math and Science are some of your best subjects.
[ ] You have more male friends than female.
[x] You've been called a "tomboy" several times.
Total: 5/10

Oh god, I didn't think it would happen, cause I'm the baby of my family so I totally expected to be Mikey, but nooo. I'm Donatello. All I'm missing is the scientific genius, otherwise I'm totally on par. Probably doesn't help that I'm working in a cubicle helping customers over the phone like he had to in the 2007 movie. Or that I'm really into purple and green.
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Yes, this is a pic of me coloring a chicken blue.

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